February 16, 2019

DistributionWatch Review: Storm Linux 2000 - page 4

Another Contender for the Linux Desktop

  • March 8, 2000
  • By Kevin Reichard

Every major Linux distribution adds value to Linux, whether through advanced configuration tools (like Red Hat Linux or Linux-Mandrake) or via other technologies (like the clustering technologies provided via TurboLinux).

Storm Linux adds its Storm Administration System. SAS has the potential of being valuable: by using modules for administration, it should be easier to add administration tools, particularly when system developers can add their own C- or Perl-based modules. Right now this is more concept than reality: there don't seem to be huge libraries of modules sitting anywhere on the Web, and Stormix doesn't really even push the development of modules (the Stormix Web site doesn't mention any APIs or guides to module development).

So that limits the effectiveness of modules. The three SAS modules in Storm Linux are really quite useful, and we'd love to see their further development.

Apart from the lack of applications (save demo versions of many products), Storm Linux is a solid distribution. Its installation routines are easy to follow for any level of Linux user, and many formerly difficult decisions--like partitioning--are made much simpler thanks to some elegant system design. For inexperienced Linux users who want a distribution that's easy to install and use, Storm Linux is a solid choice.

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