February 19, 2019

VMware 2.0: Virtually Magnificent - page 3

Two OSes, One Machine

  • April 10, 2000
  • By Michael Hall

While the change likely to be most appreciated by current VMware users is the noticeable increase in the overall speed of the product, a few other new features have been added that improve VMware substantially.

Overall device support has been improved. The virtual machine now supports SCSI disks and CD-ROM devices. Removable devices can be disconnected while the virtual machine is running to allow on-the-fly reconfiguration. Version 2.0 also allows direct connection to serial devices.

A new "suspend to disk" feature allows users to halt the virtual machine instantly and restore it in the state it was suspended. With this feature, there's no waiting, for instance, for the virtual operating system to boot. Users can boot the virtual machine once, wait for the desktop to finish loading, and suspend the session for reuse.

Finally, Samba is installed and configured when VMware is installed, which allows for virtual network file-sharing between an instance of Windows running under VMware and the host Linux OS.

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