June 24, 2018

VMware 2.0: Virtually Magnificent - page 6

Two OSes, One Machine

  • April 10, 2000
  • By Michael Hall

VMware 2.0 for Linux is a great product worth the notice of anyone who needs access to applications written for Windows or MS-DOS but doesn't want the hassle of repartitioning and going the dual-boot route.

For those already sold on the original version, this second version is a solid improvement worth the upgrade dollars. For those who weren't interested the first time, VMware's developers have earned a second look.

While the product isn't without limitations, the target audience of computing professionals and cross-platform developers will find themselves with little to complain about. Better yet, the documentation hints at even more improvements on the way, making this a product that will likely be a must-have for some time to come.

We unhesitatingly recommend VMware 2.0 for Linux.

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