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Netscape 6: Enter the Gecko - page 3

Reviewing the Next-Generation Web Browser

  • April 17, 2000
  • By Kevin Reichard

The mail module is perhaps the most noteworthy new tool in Netscape 6. It is also the biggest paradox: even though it looks fairly similar to the mail modules found in Netscape 4.71 and before, it's actually been overhauled and enhanced significantly. (Judge for yourself in the accompanying screen shot.)

The biggest change is that Netscape 6 now handles multiple mail accounts, including AOL Mail. It took us about 20 seconds to set up a new e-mail account, as Netscape 6 uses a wizard to guide you through all relevant data input for AOL, POP3, IMAP, and NNTP (news) accounts.

With multiple mail accounts come multiple "identities," where you can choose what information is sent with your mail. For instance, you may want to respond to personal mail from your business account, and you want the return address to be your personal-mail account. This is relatively easy to do in Netscape 6.

Mail also becomes more interactive. When you're reading a message, Netscape 6 can go on the Web and see if the mail's sender is online and available for instant messages.

Finally, the address book has been redesigned to be easier to use. Also changed is how Netscape 6 handles incoming e-mail addresses, and it's done in a clever way. Instead of automatically throwing all incoming e-mail addresses in your address book (which is the annoying default in Microsoft Outlook Express), the addresses are stored in a separate Collected Addresses address book. These addresses are autofilled by Netscape 6 when you create a new mail message.

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