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Suites for the Sweet: WordPerfect Office 2000 - page 3

Moving a Long-Established Suite to Linux

  • May 18, 2000
  • By Brian Proffitt

You see them everywhere at business conferences: slideshows. What was once the undisputed realm of family vacation photos is now the kingdom of the business damned. These days you can't have a business presentation without slides or the Powers That Be might think there's something wrong with you (more so than they already do).

Which meant dragging out the ubiquitous PowerPoint application and putting together slides with styles everyone had pretty much seen before.

Corel's Presentations 9 handles just what the name says it will: business and other organizational presentations. And, I discovered, it handles them very well.

After an initial slow first start (Presentation's version of PerfectExpert takes a long time to load the first time, though this has improved since the beta releases), it begins with a medium-sized list of 30 possible templates to choose from that are installed on your PC and links to additional templates online (more on this in the "Extra Goodies" section later in this article.)

This application had a lot of stability issues in early betas, which I am pleased to say have been rectified. It runs a lot faster and cleaner in this final release

The coolest feature was the RealTime Preview feature applied to the list of slide transitions. With this list was activated, each time a different transition was highlighted a little animated mini slide instantly displayed the transition in the Preview window. This is a much nicer feature than assigning a transition and then taking a separate step to preview the same transition.

Corel is also marketing this application as an image viewer and a sign and banner maker. These are perfectly good uses for Presentations, but unless it picks up speed you might be better off finding other applications to handle your basic graphics needs.

Corel seems to have recognized this concern, as it bundled Presentations Player with the application. Player is a single-function application: take a slide show and display it without all of the huge overhead the main Presentations application has.

Presentations is also geared to create Web pages from slides, as well as read and save to PowerPoint format files.

Corel Presentations is a worthy competitor to the PowerPoint dominion.

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