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DistributionWatch Review: Libranet 1.2.2 - page 3

Introducing Linux by Libranet

  • May 30, 2000
  • By Brian Proffitt
If there is one thing Libranet excels at, it is the range of applications and window managers it offers the user. No less than eleven window managers and two desktop environments (GNOME and KDE) are provided, with IceWM being the default. There are quite a new colorful themes included with Libranet, too, enough to keep the average user content for a while, until it's time to visit e.themes.org. Switching between window managers was easily done via an option in the user menu.

Libranet's main selling push is to cram as many applications as possible into the installation, so users don't have to worry about acquiring and installing them later. There is a huge array of utilities and applets to choose from in the GNOME and KDE environments, especially in the categories of system management and Internet tools. I was particularly impressed with the variety of Internet packages, certainly the most numerous in any distribution I have seen to date.

For its heavy hitters, Libranet includes the ubiquitous Netscape and a copy of StarOffice 5.1, which provide connectivity and compatibility with the outside world.

If you like to play with games, then Libranet definitely delivers. Literally dozens of games are included in this distribution, including LxDoom, LinCity, and Quake, all of which worked well. In fact, there are so many games, they can be a distraction, which is why Libranet will give you the option of leaving them out is you ever recompile the kernel.

If there was a disappointment here, it was the lack of a graphical front end for Debian's package manager, dpkg. Dselect would have been a nice addition to the application set.

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