April 21, 2019

Review: imici Messenger for Linux - page 3

Plugging the Phone Into the Wall

  • September 20, 2000
  • By Brian Proffitt

Messenger touts itself as a commercial product, a fact clearly evident by the presence of the copyright in the program. Still, the source code is being released with the product, which raised the question of where imici was placing itself in the Linux market.

Right now, imici holds a straight copyright for the Messenger client, even though it is releasing the GUI source code. Federighi and McNair both indicated that internal discussions are taking place for release some or all of the code under a GPL, but could not elaborate further at this time.

One future project for the developers will be the creation of IM bots to handle transfers into all of the other IM protocols out there. McNair indicated there are plans in the works to release a source framework for these bots in order to invite other developers to help create new bots for all of the differing protocols.

imici plans on moving into other platforms as well, following their "commitment to interoperability," as Federighi stressed. Very soon there will be a Java version of Messenger, he indicated, as well as a version for the Mac OS 10 platform. There are also discussions underway with major telecommunications companies to tie two-way pager messaging into the IM sphere of communication.

For now, look for imici Messenger to be a solid IM client that should steadily improve in functionality and features over the coming months.

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