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  • October 25, 2000
  • By Dennis E. Powell

For years we've many of us made excuses for our Linux desktops. They did what we wanted, and what we wanted that they didn't do we learned to live without in order to take advantage of the robustness of the underlying operating system. But with KDE2 we no longer have to apologize for our desktops. Even with that annoying menu bug, KDE2 is the best desktop I've ever used on any platform. That having been said, it will only get better. Work is already underway on KDE2.1 (believe it or not, I actually took a little step back in installing KDE2, moving from a CVS build a week newer than the KDE2 freeze; don't worry--nothing much had yet changed). But more than that, the number of KDE2 applications is growing. A company I mentioned earlier, theKompany.com, is working on business programs for KDE2, impressed as they are with the design of the desktop itself. Other developers are being drawn to QT and KDE2, and who could blame them?

There's something else, an intangible, that has made KDE user-friendly from the early days. The developers, the big guns in KDE, have been in my experience to a person polite, helpful, and accessible. Imagine having a problem with Windows and in solving it being given access to the guy who wrote the code! This is true to a large extent in all of Free and Open Source software, but it seems to me that it is and always has been even more so with KDE.

Bottom line: KDE2 and Linux are together a Windows killer if ever there was one.

What? What's that you say? Oh. No, I haven't mentioned KOffice, the exciting office suite that is part of KDE2. KOffice is another story.

Which I'll be writing shortly.

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