February 20, 2019

Win4Lin: Running Windows Applications Under Linux - page 2

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  • January 29, 2001
  • By William Wong

Win4Lin installation is not difficult but novice Linux users may want to get some assistance or take their time doing the installation. Once installed, running Windows is as easy as double-clicking an icon.

Win4Lin�s documentation is probably its most limited aspect. There is a small printed Installation and Getting Started Manual with the remainder of the documentation online. The printed manual is good, and it addresses most of the problems that will be encountered during an installation.

Win4Lin installation is relatively easy. We had to first make sure our Linux installation, Red Hat in our case, met the minimum version requirements. Next we installed the Win4Lin kernel modification. This nicely added another boot option to LILO so we can boot with or without Win4Lin. Installation of the remaining Win4Lin support was done after restarting with the new kernel.

The last step is to install Windows 9x from a standard Windows installation CD-ROM. The installation goes a little quicker than a base installation since the device drivers and other device support are already provided through Win4Lin and Linux. Multiple instances of Windows can be installed. This is handy for a PC shared by a number of users.

The only minor gripe is that the installation procedure does not add any menu items or icons for the Linux desktop. This must be done by the user.

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