April 26, 2019

The StartX Files: HancomWord Dumps WINE for Qt - page 3

Mail Call

  • November 15, 2001
  • By Brian Proffitt

Next week, I am going to wrap up the second Word to the Wise series with a roundup of all of the applications I have reviewed and a pick of the one that I think represents the leader for word processors on Linux.

After that, I will need your help once more, as I will start a new series of articles about another popular desktop application: the spreadsheet. Suggestions for a series name would be welcomed too. "Sheets to the Wise" just sounds weird.

So, accountants get your suggestions in for the spreadsheet apps you think should make the list to review so I don't miss any of your favorites.

Available from: http://www.hancom.com/
Versions reviewed: HancomWord 6.0 Alphas 1/2
License: Proprietary (Korean Copyright)
Cost: Free

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