June 24, 2018

The StartX Files: Word to the Wise: Wrapping Up and Picking a Winner - page 10

None Dare Call it Settling

  • November 30, 2001
  • By Brian Proffitt

So that, as we say in the business, is that. Eight word processors were featured in this year's run of Word to the Wise. If I did not include one that was your favorite, you have my apologies, and my encouragement to talk up the application for next year's list.

In the meantime, in my ever-expanding quest for great Linux desktop applications, The StartX Files will begin a new mini-series of columns starting next week that will focus on spreadsheet applications. The tentative list of applications I will look at include:

  • Abs
  • Calc (StarOffice and OpenOffice)
  • HancomSheet
  • Gnumeric
  • KSpread
  • NExS
  • Spreadsheets for AnyWare Office
  • xspread

If I missed one, feel free to chime in with your favorites so I can include them. And be here next week for the first installment of (drum roll) Between the Sheets!

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