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Review: SuSE Linux eMail Server III - page 5

Introducing SuSE Linux eMail Server III

  • March 28, 2002
  • By Dee-Ann LeBlanc

There are a few issues here and there to contend with. Redundancies make things a bit overly complicated, I'm not sure why you can create users for virtual hosts under both Users|New and Virtual Users|New. There are also a few misspellings (Calender) or odd phrasings that likely happened during the translation from German to English. Nothing major. The help materials are pretty good, I've found SuSE tends to have excellent documentation, though some of the single line descriptions in the GUI can be confusing if they refer to a technology you're not already familiar with.

It would also be nice to see better support for mail aliases, which seems to be oddly lacking here, outside of a straight firstname.lastname version. I actually flipped back through the GUI and the manual thinking I must have missed that somewhere but I didn't. It's not there.

Also, I'm always looking in a mail server for spam and virus filtering, and notice I haven't mentioned either of those features yet. It is possible to set up virus filtering, but not through the GUI. You can get AntiVir MailGate in an RPM, but to use any other product with SuSE Linux eMail Server III you must use the AMaVIS (www.amavis.org) tool in tandem with GeCAD RAV AntiVirus for Mail Server, Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Servers, or one of the other supported virus-checking programs. There's also Trend Micro InterScan VirusWall.

Finally, it seems that the best recommendation for dealing with spam in conjunction with SuSE Linux eMail Server III is to become intimately familiar with Postfix (www.postfix.org) and building your own mail filters as a user. This aspect is disappointing, and I hope that in future versions SuSE will include better functionality for controlling unsolicited email.

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