April 25, 2019

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CrossOver: A Little WINE for the Office

  • April 1, 2002
  • By Dee-Ann LeBlanc

CrossOver Office 1.0.0 is a commercial product which is currently available in both a downloadable version ($54.95) and a version on CD-ROM for not much more for those who like to have a physical product in hand. Even better, if you buy the CD-ROM version, you're still welcome to get the download version, so you can use the product immediately and still get your physical disk.

There is no free download available. There are, however, a collection of screenshots, manuals, testamonials, and other useful items on the web site (www.codeweaver.com) to help you determine whether this product meets your needs or not.

What's Different

The obvious difference between having CrossOver Office and not having it, is that you cannot run Microsoft Office or Lotus (for Windows) products on your Linux box natively. Instead, the best comparison to make with this product is between Linux with WINE or Linux without it. An answer to this question doesn't take long to find.

In the WINE Application Database I find that Microsoft Office is not considered compatible with WINE in any version. Lotus Notes, another product supported by CrossOver Office 1.0.0, is compatible with WINE if you're looking at Lotus Notes versions 4.6a or 5--and it's version 5 that CrossOver Office can handle. So if it's Lotus Notes you're after, then you may not need something like CrossOver Office 1.0.0. Not everyone finds Lotus Notes 5 to work properly in WINE, however. Check out the comments in the WINE Application Database for more information.

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