April 26, 2019

CrossOver Office: The Killer App for the Linux Desktop? - page 3

CrossOver: A Little WINE for the Office

  • April 1, 2002
  • By Dee-Ann LeBlanc

I go to check out the documentation, and find that I have two choices: install as a non-root user and only utilize the program under that account, or install as root and give it to everyone. As the opening dialog box reminds, you may have only purchased a single-seat license. If this is the case then your answer is clear, install the program only under your own user account. This is what I'll do for the sake of the review.

The first thing to remember if you've downloaded the installation script like I did, is to make sure and set that script as executable (a quick chmod u+x scriptname does the trick). After this I type ./install-cross[Tab]--let's face it, I'm lazy, and the download file has a very long name--and the opening dialog box (Figure 1) appears.

Since I do indeed only want to install this program for this user account I click Yes, which brings me to the License Agreement, which I read (you do read those don't you) and click I Agree. This action opens the CrossOver Office Setup dialog box, shown in Figure 2.

I click Begin Install and the installer happily creates directories, adds files, and so on with some nice progress bars to occupy the eyes. There's an odd pause at the end where I start to think for a moment that something went wrong, but then the dialog box changes to say Install Complete! Well, that part was easy.

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