April 19, 2019

Distribution Watch: Gentoo Linux - page 4

Introducing Gentoo Linux 1.1a

  • April 15, 2002
  • By Dee-Ann LeBlanc

While I was unable to get Gentoo installed enough to configure it, I took a look through the documentation and ironically am able to go through the motions with the rescue CD-ROM mounted. The overall configuration process is pretty similar to the install. If you want a package, say in my case I wanted to install GNOME, you just type emerge gnome and Gentoo goes and gets all of the necessary source from its download site and then compiles it using your pre-set preferences from earlier. Running Gentoo Linux 1.1a

As you might guess, I don't have an incredible amount to say about what it's like to run Gentoo Linux. The command line interface is colorful, from what I was able to access. There's the same easy to follow boot sequence as each of the daemons and processes starts, with the green [OK] and the red failure markers. If you prefer the GUI environment then you can certainly set yourself up in that direction too, installing KDE or GNOME pretty easily and going from there.

One thing you'll want to investigate further is the Portage tool, if you at all are into programming.

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