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Distribution Watch: SuSE Linux 8.0 Beta - page 5

Meet SuSE 8.0, The Beta

  • April 18, 2002
  • By Kurt Wall

All told, SuSE have created another excellent rendition of their popular Linux distribution. The installation, even (or, rather, especially) on a laptop, was smooth and worked without a hitch -- no small feat for installing Linux on a nearly new laptop, an undertaking often more likely to end in aggravation than success. While I personally don't care for a 4.4Gb installation and don't see the need for that much redundancy in applications, I have to concede that one of the chief attractions of Linux is not being locked into one company's notion of what you should have on your computer, and SuSE make sure of that.

KDE seems to be the most completely configured desktop available, which isn't surprising when you consider that SuSE are one of the KDE project's primary supporters. The good news is that SuSE's commitment to giving you lots of choices means that you can also choose to use GNOME, if you're a fan of "desktop environments," or a "mere" window manager if, like me, you prefer something more lightweight. SuSE has not yet put a great deal of effort into polishing the KDE alternatives, but I imagine they will have fixed this oversight by the time SuSE 8.0 goes gold later this month.

With the support for hot pluggable devices, XFree86 4.2, kernel 2.4.18, KDE3, and GNOME 1.4, SuSE gets the prize for having the most cutting-edge Linux distribution out there. If you like having an embarrassment of riches, SuSE 8.0 is for you.

Kurt Wall first touched a computer in 1980 when he learned FORTRAN on an IBM mainframe of forgotten vintage; things have only gotten better since then. He has written all or parts of seven books about Linux and UNIX programming and system administration, is working on his eighth, and is the technical editor for over a dozen other Linux- and UNIX-related titles. Currently, Kurt works for TimeSys Corporation in Pittsburgh and lives in South Park, Pennsylvania.

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