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Evaluating Mozilla 1.0 Candidate 1 - page 5

Evaluating A Mozilla Beta Release

  • April 25, 2002
  • By Rob Reilly

Mozilla 1.0 looks promising from the standpoint of speed and ease of use. Not a whole lot has changed as far as the user interface goes. It should be noted that this beta version had some menu items on the task bar that were specifically geared for debugging and developers. I thought that was a nice touch and shows commitment to a quality product. Also, the Mozilla team is constantly updating their web site with new information, regarding recent builds, news and bug reports.

I look forward to the production release of Mozilla 1.0 and believe it will be stable, speedy, easy to use and of high value. Linux users would do well to give it a try.

Rob Reilly is a consultant and freelance writer with particular focus on applying high technology and processes that promote profitable business operations. He is especially encouraged with the progress of Linux and the Open Source movement in the business world.

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