February 16, 2019

A Sneak Preview of NetWin's SurgeMail - page 2

Exit Dmail, Enter SurgeMail

  • May 6, 2002
  • By Dee-Ann LeBlanc

You can download a demonstration version of SurgeMail from the NetWin web site (www.netwinsite.com), or at least will be able to once the product is released. There are four different versions of the software available: SurgeMail-Home, SurgeMail-Workplace, SurgeMail-Enterprise, and SurgeMail-ISP. The key differences between these packages are the SurgeMail-Home doesn't support mirroring of the server and its data, and that each of the versions has its own range of the number of users it can handle. What you'll pay for SurgeMail depends on a combination of the version you require, and the number of users you need to support.

What's Different

Obviously, SurgeMail 1.0 has to have an edge over freely available mail server solutions if anyone's going to bother sinking money into the product. What SurgeMail offers you over and above a free mail server solution includes:

  • Web interface for mail server administration
  • Web interface for users to administer their mail settings
  • Integrated Webmail server
  • Web interface for managing domains
  • Integrated SSL/TLS support
  • Built-in interface for virus scanners
  • OpenRelay Blocking (RBL) by default --supported of course by some free mail servers as well
  • Integrated filters for dealing with spam
  • Collect mail from other POP servers
  • Supports a wide range of external authentication modules

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