February 16, 2019

A Sneak Preview of NetWin's SurgeMail - page 4

Exit Dmail, Enter SurgeMail

  • May 6, 2002
  • By Dee-Ann LeBlanc

Let's take a look at the user features now. I go back to the main interface (http://localhost:7025) and click Web email client, which takes me to Figure 7. Once I log in I'm taken to the interface you see in Figure 8, which is a pretty standard look for a Webmail client. There's an address list that can grab the email addresses you mail to and receive mail from, a group alias feature, the ability to edit your address book, an Options section where you can set user preferences, add signatures, create filters, get email from different accounts, you can view bulletins, and you can even search through your email through this Webmail interface.

After going back to the main interface again, I select User Account self-management (have you noticed yet that the main interface gives you a set of links you can use to make Desktop shortcuts to all of these features?). This feature lets me select which account and domain (Figure 9) I want to log into, and then takes me to the page shown in Figure 10, which looks quite similar to the administrator's interface. Here I can set up what personal information I want to include, mail forwarding, and watch out for that Delete button!

I was unable to look at the last main item, the Webmail Management feature, but I'm working with an early beta version of the product so hopefully that will be fixed soon.

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