February 19, 2019

A Sneak Preview of NetWin's SurgeMail - page 5

Exit Dmail, Enter SurgeMail

  • May 6, 2002
  • By Dee-Ann LeBlanc

All in all, SurgeMail 1.0 makes a good addition to the commercial Linux mail server market. The web interface could use a bit of a spit and polish except for the Webmail interface, which already looks quite nice. Virus scanning is built in--or more specifically, the ability to plug a virus scanner into the server--and so is spam filtering, along with the ability to choose a single blackhole server.

The server itself installs fast and is not only able to run on any Linux distribution meeting the requirements, but runs on a variety of operating systems, so if you're doing a multiple OS rollout you don't have to learn more than one package. Since it's not tied to a specific distribution you also need to remember to do "little" things like add SurgeMail to your init and shutdown scripts to ensure the program starts and stops properly during boot and shutdown.

Once this product is complete (and it may be by the time you're reading this), NetWin will definitely enter the commercial Linux mail server market on par with the other entries.

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