February 22, 2019

Red Hat 8.0: Past the Hype and Under the Hood - page 4

Evaluating Red Hat Beyond Uncle Ralph and Aunt Faye

  • November 4, 2002
  • By Carla Schroder
Red Hat 8 is a fine desktop Linux, with its usual excellent manuals, and a nice selection of useful applications. It's stable and sprightly on both test machines. Like all Linuxes, it is light-years ahead of Windows and Mac in features and stability. And best of all, it is still a real Linux--completely customizable, no proprietary gotchas.

Linux is rich in top-quality programming, server, and system administration tools. The last pieces needed to complete the picture are more full-featured, quality productivity apps. I have a long wish list: accounting, desktop publishing, inventory, games, home and garden design, legal, video editing, family tree, sales and contact management... That's what is going to get Linux onto desktops, not pretty colors. And that perennial favorite, more and better hardware drivers. I do wish manufacturers were not so timid about entering the Linux market.

Many thanks to the great folks at Linuxchix and PLUG for their invaluable assistance in researching this article. Your generosity is much appreciated.

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