April 25, 2019

TextMaker Makes Strong Showing as Linux Word Processor - page 4

Fast and Easy, Too

  • July 3, 2003
  • By Rob Reilly

One feature I really liked was the synonym lookup button on the main task strip. As a writer, I frequently search for alternative words to describe what I'm trying to say. To use the function, place the cursor on the word and then click the AB XY? button. The window contains the word, a little "meaning" reference window and the available synonyms. I thought a nice touch was the placement of a replace button right in the pop-up window, in case you wanted to change to one of the synonyms.

Do you need to do a quick calculation on some numbers and them stick them in your document? Just place your cursor where you want the result and click the calculation drop-down under the Insert task strip. A window will appear that you can use for normal arithmetic functions. You can develop some pretty complicated formulas using this tool. What's more, once the result is inserted in your text, you can edit it by highlighting and then the insert, calculation sequence again. The window will pop up with your formula ready to edit.

Working with graphics files seemed to be very easy. I inserted a few .png and .jpeg files into a couple of documents without any problem. The rendering on the screen (in the document) was great and appeared very quickly, even on my tired old laptop. Resizing and moving images, likewise were a snap. Just grab a corner and move or resize it. There was virtually no repainting time for the image and no funky artifacts left over after the move.

Overall a nice, truly easy program to use. There were a few areas, though, that caused me some problems.

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