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TextMaker Makes Strong Showing as Linux Word Processor - page 5

Fast and Easy, Too

  • July 3, 2003
  • By Rob Reilly

A couple of features I like to use in OpenOffice.org and Bluefish are the the increase/decrease indent buttons. Unfortunately in TextMaker you have to highlight the text or list that you want to indent and then use the change paragraph formatting button on the task strip, which is a bit of a rigamarole. When you click the change paragraph formatting button (right next to the big F button) a neat little window pops up that lets you change a whole range of other parameters, like fonts, spacing, superscripts, etc.

If you are used to using an HTML editor like Bluefish (what I use to write my stories) you will miss many of the features that just don't appear in TextMaker. Little things like the indent, font size, or HR buttons are buried in the TextMaker task strips drop-downs and menus. They are there, just a little hard to find for quick turnaround of lots of HTML. On the other hand, it doesn't proclaim to be a full-featured HTML editor. Definitely adequate for a simple content page.

TextMaker has chosen to put its help in an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file. While this may sound like a good idea, I really don't care for it much because it's just one more thing to open and wait for. It's a little strange that they would produce such a lightning fast word processor and then saddle the help with Acrobat. Incidently, the CD arrived without any books, either. And it was difficult to find topics of interest, because the .pdf help document didn't have a table of contents. I would have put the help in the program the way everyone else does.

What if you don't have an Acrobat reader? You'll have to grab the Linux CDs and load it before you can see any TextMaker help. xpdf, too, is also available for a quick download.

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