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Addressing Address Books For Linux - page 3

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  • April 1, 2004
  • By Rob Reilly

The KDE desktop manager has an address book, KaddressBook, that is similar to Mozilla. It too, has a spreadsheet style user interface with pop-up menus for support functions, like the distribution list. The menu bar has the soft, artsy KDE style colored buttons at the top. Finding a contact is very convenient with a drop down button that gives you the ability to select your search field from a list.

Key KaddressBook Features - version 3.1 (using KDE 3.1.1)
Simple spreadsheet style user interface
Import/Export vcard files
Support for LDAP directory based address data
Commonly used address field names, with large number of customizable fields

KaddressBook can be started in a number of ways:

  • From a menu item on your KDE or Gnome, etc. startup menu
  • From an icon on your desktop
  • From the command line: kaddressbook

With KaddressBook running, you'll notice that the interface is very similar to Mozilla's layout. Under the menu bar is a a search box and buttons for distribution lists and filters. The filters apply to the category that your contact would fall under, such as customer, business, personal, etc. The filters can be modified or created to suit your needs. You can also display a form for entering contact data, as an option. Distribution list functionality is the same as Mozilla.

Entering new contacts is simple. Click on the "New Card" button at the top. A new card pane will pop up and let you add your contact's name, address, phone numbers and so on. The "Details" tab has fields for Managers's Name, Spouse's Name, Birthday and Anniversary, along with a "notes" area. When you click on the Birthday or Anniversary, a little calendar conveniently pops up. I thought it was kind of a neat feature.

The Mozilla address book can also import KDE2, vcard and .CVS files. Export is similar with .CVS and vcard 3.0 files. The import and export functions are accessed through the "File" button on the tool bar.

The address book can also create distribution lists, which of course will use the KDE mail, Kmail mail client. Creating the list is very similar to the techniques in Mozilla, although you can just choose the "Distribution Lists" button on a drop-down on the tool bar.

KaddressBook is a great tool that is bundled into the KDE environment. It starts up pretty quickly and has the most flexibility when it comes to customization of the contact fields.

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