February 17, 2019

Cedega Linux Revives Linux Gaming - page 2

What's In a Name?

  • July 6, 2004
  • By Kurt Wall

The tarball I was given access to was about 16 MB and was easy to install: untar it in the root directory. While not flashy, this was a media preview and I anticipate that the finished, shipping version will include a user-friendly installer.

There really wasn't anything to configure because I didn't have a previous version of WineX installed and didn't have any games installed.

To give myself a test bed, I used the Cedega interface, Point2Play, to install and start a game of Quake III, one of my personal favorites for both single-player and on-line gaming.

Everything Just Worked �: the installer started, I answered the usual questions, and the installation proceeded as if I was parked in front of a native Windows system, not Cedega's emulation/translation/port (or whatever you want to call if) of the Windows API.

Cedega, like CrossOver Office, even emulated a post-installation reboot. I'd forgotten how much I don't miss that annoying feature of Windows installations.

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