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Cedega Linux Revives Linux Gaming - page 5

What's In a Name?

  • July 6, 2004
  • By Kurt Wall

Run, don't walk, to the TransGaming Web site and order a copy of Cedega 4.0. I quit playing most games back in the early 1990s because I didn't have a Windows system on which to run them and didn't want to doom an otherwise useful computer to Windows perdition. I'm delighted to report that Cedega makes it possible to eat my cake (play Windows games) and have it, too (not run Windows). The monthly subscription price, $5.00 or 5 Euros, is well worth it. In my book, it's a bargain. Cedega earned every one of the 5 stars I've given it.

Kurt Wall is an all-around Linux geek. He has written all or parts of eight books about Linux and UNIX programming and system administration and is the technical editor for over a dozen other Linux- and UNIX-related titles. Currently, Kurt works for TimeSys Corporation in Pittsburgh and lives in South Park, Pennsylvania. He receives entirely too much email at kwall@kurtwerks.com.

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