February 22, 2019

CentOS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Minus Red Hat - page 2

Getting Something For Nothing

  • December 23, 2004
  • By Carla Schroder
Let's dig into the guts of CentOS to see what goodies lurk there. Some of the more interesting installation options are:
  • Installation via VNC (Virtual Network Computing), from either the server or client end of the connection
  • Three different boot diskette options, if you don't want to boot from CD: drvnet.img for network installations, drvblock.img for SCSI installations, and pcmciadd.img for PCMCIA installations.
  • Logical volume manager (LVM)
  • Software RAID
  • Network installations from a CentOS server, via PXE (Pre-Boot Execution Environment)

After the initial installation, and you have verified that the system boots and everything pretty much works, you can install a hugemem kernel. Installation is easy- just install the RPM. This baby supports a grand total of 64GB system memory, and 4GB per process. Your original kernel stays put, so if it doesn't work, or if you find performance issues, you can reboot to your original stock kernel.

Another nice installation feature is it automatically generates a Kickstart configuration, so you can easily replicate the installation. Look for the Kickstart configuration in /root/ananconda-ks.cfg.

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