February 16, 2019

Linux Live with Knoppix Version 3.7 - page 2

Getting Knoppix

  • January 10, 2005
  • By Sean Michael Kerner

One of the greatest things about Knoppix is its hardware detection and support. It has never ceased to amaze me how difficult it can be sometimes for certain Linux distributions to detect and properly configure any number of different pieces of hardware (for some reason I seem to encounter all kinds of difficulty with configuring graphics cards/monitors).

With Knoppix 3.7, hardware detection, simply put, just works. I've run Knoppix 3.7 on old boat anchors (Pentium Pros and worse) for which I have never been able to successfully install a GUI using any other Linux distro. I also found that its Notebook hardware detection (part of 3.7's new ACPI support) is similarly flawless. In many cases, it really is as easy as inserting the CD and booting your PC. If you are on ancient hardware that doesn't support CD booting, you can always create a boot floopy and boot the Knoppix CD from there.

Knoppix 3.7, like its predecessors that have included 2.6.x kernels, requires the user to enter "linux26" at the boot prompt to start with that kernel as opposed to the 2.4.47 kernel, which is the default. Mr. Knopper still has the 2.6.9 kernel supported listed as "experimental" though in my use-case scenarios I found it to be rock solid stable.

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