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Linux Live with Knoppix Version 3.7 - page 3

Getting Knoppix

  • January 10, 2005
  • By Sean Michael Kerner

The Knoppix 3.7 CD contains a long list of some 900 or so packages encompassing just about every type of activity you'd probably encounter (some shown in Figure 1). OpenOffice.org version 1.1.3 is there for the standard office productivity suite. The usual KDE suspects are all there including the Konqueror browser, Kmail, Kontact, and Kfax, among many others. For IM, Gaim 1.03 is there as well. Gimp 2.0.6 covers off image manipulation and Scribus 1.2.0 handles page layout.

On the networking side of things it included Ethereal .10-7 for traffic analysis and Nessus for security scanning. Standard networking essentials like SSH and Samba are also present. KDE desktop sharing is also included so VNC sessions are easily accomplished.

One of the things that always "challenged" me with past Knoppix versions (and Linux live CDs in general) was the difficulty in using Samba without a complicated setup. Samba configuration on Knoppix 3.7 is a simple point and click service, both for discovering other network shares and for making your (virtual) Knoppix drives shareable as well (see Figure 2).

Despite all the programs that are included on Knoppix 3.7, it's easy to notice which ones aren't there. Mozilla 1.7.3 is included instead of Firefox, which works well--but with the hoopla surrounding Firefox it's sure to be missed by Linux newbies. For email it doesn't include Mozilla Thunderbird or Evolution, though to be fair, how many email clients do you really need? Neither Konqueror nor Mozilla include the Macromedia Flash plugin, though you can download it yourself with the Knoppix Live Update tool.

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