February 16, 2019

ESP Print Pro: The Commercial Cousin to CUPS - page 3

Why Pay Money?

  • January 20, 2005
  • By Carla Schroder

ESP Print Pro has complete Samba integration for Windows or mixed LANs. Windows clients must install the ESP Print Pro client software. MacOS X, Linux, and Unix clients must install the base program, without the drivers. All drivers, including drivers for Windows clients, are automatically downloaded from the server. This can also be done with CUPS, but it takes a lot more work to set it up; ESP Print Pro does it all automatically.

Prices range from $49 for a single standalone Linux PC to several thousand dollars for enterprise users. The Standalone and Multi-User versions use node-locked licenses, which means that the software will only work on the machine that they are licensed for. The Mission-Critical and Enterprise editions use floating licenses, which permit moving the software to different servers without having to say "mother may I." The software may either be downloaded or purchased on a CD.

Documentation is extensive, and comes in both HTML and PDF formats.

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