February 19, 2019

Xandros Desktop OS 3.0: A Solid, Modern Replacement for a Windows Desktop - page 5

Looking at Xandros

  • January 27, 2005
  • By Bill von Hagen

Like most Linux distributions, Xandros also provides some "special sauce" beyond simply repackaging and providing standard Linux applications. One of Xandros more interesting custom contributions is the Xandros File Manger which, as the name suggests, is a customized graphical tool for browsing and working with files, directories, and related devices on your Xandros system.

The Xandros File Manager provides convenient capabilities for accessing and browsing floppies (remember those?), CDs, and DVDs, and provides easy access to the printers you've defined on your system. Figure 4 shows the File Manager when it first starts, displaying the contents of the current user's home directory.

Xandros File Manager also provides easy-to-use mechanisms for browsing the most common types of networked file systems, Windows shares and NFS. Directories shared via NFS (the traditional Unix/Linux Networked File System, originally developed by Sun Microsystems and now available on every Unix and Linux system) can easily be browsed and accessed through the File Manager, removing one of the traditional "for experts only" aspects of Linux file sharing. Browsable Windows shares are similarly easy to locate and access.

Figure 5 shows an NFS directory in the File Manager, along with the browse hierarchy necessary to find it in the left pane. Traditional NFS authentication mechanisms still apply--only remote NFS directories that are publicly exported or to which you have explicit access can be examined.

The File Manager also provide a Tools menu that contains convenient, file-related tools, such as a dialog that enables you to explicitly mount Windows shares, as shown in Figure 6. This dialog suggests (and creates) appropriate mount points in your home directory when you explicitly mount a remote Windows share.

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