April 18, 2019

Xandros Desktop OS 3.0: A Solid, Modern Replacement for a Windows Desktop - page 7

Looking at Xandros

  • January 27, 2005
  • By Bill von Hagen

Xandros Desktop OS 3.0 is a solid, well-designed distribution. As mentioned multiple times, this is a distribution targeted towards new desktop Linux users, such as those that may formerly have lived on Microsoft Windows systems. The automatic inclusion of Crossover Office in their Deluxe edition is a tremendous win for anyone who absolutely must use Windows software but does not want to incur the cost, spyware, system viruses, and worms associated with a traditional Microsoft Windows desktop system.

On the flip side, Xandros Linux is not the distribution to use if you are a hardcore Linux hacker, want to use a traditional X Window system window manager, or are doing advanced code development. It includes software development tools such as GCC and related items, and also includes development environments for QT, but this isn't the distribution for you if you want to live in GDB or KGDB.

Xandros has put together a great package for Windows users who want to migrate to a more powerful, more robust environment, or for anyone who simply wants to take advantage of the low-cost, high-performance advantages of Linux without wanting to spend much of their time under the hood.

Bill von Hagen is the author of numerous books and articles on Linux. For more information about Bill, see http://www.vonhagen.org.

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