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Traditional File Managers--Good, Not-So-Good, and Best-of-Breed

  • April 13, 2005
  • By Kurt Pfeifle

Today, standard hard disk sizes offered in shops are typically 160 GB and cost €100 [US$129] . Next year, it will be 400 GB for the same price. Where do all those data and files come from that fill them up? I don't know really, but what I do know is that on all my computers the complete available disk space tends to be eaten up within a year. If I put in a new, additional disk with double the volume, it is full after 12 months. If I replace the original disk with one that is five times the size, it doesn't last longer than 52 weeks.

Despite Konqueror's position as the best-of-breed file manager, it is painful for me to handle all this data. And it doesn't look like it will become a more pleasant experience as the numbers keep growing. Plus, I am not the person that easily deletes digital stuff. (I also do not throw away old hardware, or books, or paraphernalia that quickly, either.)

Now, I know about and love locate, and I run updatedb regularly. And it is extremely cool to type "locate:sylvi jpg" directly into the Konqueror location bar or even the File Open dialog; it finds that image which shows Sylvi's excellent handling of her "aircraft" when she starts up for a long paragliding flight. The KDE KIO slave for "locate" saves me the effort to first type into a Konsole window locate sylvi|grep jpg and then puts the result into the file manager. But even this is not enough.

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