March 26, 2019

SUSE 9.3: More, Better, Faster, Now! - page 4

Cutting Edge and Oh, So Stable

  • May 16, 2005
  • By Bill von Hagen

SUSE 9.3 provides the standard KDE Control Center to configure and tweak its default KDE environment. This includes a standard System Administration tab, but also provides SUSE's YaST Modules for updating and customizing your system. Since SUSE 9.3 is quite new, I was interested in how many updates were already available. Keeping systems up to date is one of the key promises of supported distributions. Actually, every distribution cares about updates, but my expectations are stronger when I've actually shelled out money for a distribution rather than simply downloading it.

Selecting YaST modules > Software > Online Update displayed SUSE YaST Online Update (YOU) module, which is quite easy to use. you simply select an online update site and then wait while YaST retrieves a list of available updates. Next, you pick the ones you want (in my case, a not-too-surprising "Everything," and then go off for coffee while YOU retrieves and installs the updates.

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of updates already available, as shown in Figure 5. On the one hand, I guess that I could be concerned that updates were already suggested for many applications. In reality, software is inherently "soft," and I'm glad that SUSE is staying up to date with patches and enhancements.

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