February 17, 2019

SUSE 9.2 vs. 9.3: A 64-Bit Comparison - page 3

Head-to-Head on an AMD 64 Notebook

  • May 19, 2005
  • By Rob Reilly

The last thing we want on a fire-breathing notebook are things that slow down progress. Some might think these are minor beefs, but they were big irritations to me in 9.2. It was nice to see them fixed in 9.3.

  • The Alps Glidepoint Touch Pad mouse wheel function now works properly. I think it's exceedingly tedious to have to cursor over and grab a slider to scroll the screen (in Mozilla) up and down. Normal scrolling and text zooming in Mozilla worked with the mouse pad slider right from the start.
  • Similarly, my external Gyromouse wheel mouse worked immediately, with no fuss. The Glidepoint and Gyromouse even worked at the same time. You can turn on/off the mouse pad with the little switch, if you want to.
  • XMMS started automatically when I clicked on SmoothJazz.com via Mozilla. It took a while to get it to play anything because XMMS refused to make a sound until I changed the output plug-in from "Automatic Detection" to "Alsa 1.2.10 Output Plugin."

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