February 20, 2019

Classic UNIX Programming Text Updated - page 4

Interview with Steve Rago, Co-author of Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment

  • July 5, 2005
  • By Ibrahim Haddad

With the 2005 revision of Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment, a new generation of UNIX programmers has an up-to-date guide to this elegant programming environment, complete with examples that work on contemporary systems such as FreeBSD, Linux, MacOS X, and Solaris.

Title:Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment (2nd Edition)
Web link:http://www.apuebook.com
Publisher:Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series
List Price:$74.99
Authors:W. Richard Stevens, Stephen A. Rago

About Steve Rago

Steve Rago is the author of UNIX System V Network Programming. Rago was one of the Bell Laboratories developers who built UNIX System V Release 4. He served as a reviewer for the first edition of Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment. Rago currently works as a manager at EMC, specializing in file systems and file servers.

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