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The Present and Future with Fedora Core 4 - page 3

Where Things Stand Now

  • September 22, 2005
  • By Ibrahim Haddad

Though the last in its class to be printed, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora Core 4: The Complete Reference is perhaps the only book that can claim to actually cover the latest developments in Fedora Core 4. It provides a comprehensive examination of all aspects of Fedora Core 4 Linux, including recent critical changes in administration such as device management, kernel configuration, and IPv6 support. In terms of coverage, The Complete Reference is currently the only true Fedora Core 4 book. Other books in this class either take a different more introductory approach, or simply fail to cover key Fedora Core 4 developments.

Only in this book will you find in depth discussion of key administration changes such as automatic device generation with udev, the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), and kernel header management. It still remains the only text in its class that covers IPv6 topics ranging from network address auto-configuration to DNS records. Though comprehensive in its handling of administration topics, The Complete Reference deals just as thoroughly with user topics, such as in depth chapters on GNOME, KDE, and shell usage and configuration. Office, Database, Multimedia, and Internet applications like Firefox, including Windows access and video support, are also covered. Dedicated chapters examine Internet services like Web servers, proxies, and FTP.
With a culture of fast breaking development, Linux demands texts that can keep up. The Complete Reference series on Linux has always kept pace. Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora Core 4 goes the distance and then some.

Book Information

Title: Red Hat Enterprise Linux & Fedora Core 4: The Complete Reference
Paperback: 912 pages
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media; 3 edition (August 31, 2005)
ISBN: 0072261544
Cover price: $59.99

Biography of Richard Petersen

Richard Petersen is the author of numerous books on Linux, Unix, and programming including Red Hat Enterprise and Fedora Core 4: The Complete Reference, Red Hat Linux: The Complete Reference, Beginners Guide to Linux Programming, Introductory C, Unix Clearly Explained, Linux Programmers Pocket Reference, and Red Hat Linux Administrators Pocket Reference. His editions of the complete reference series for Linux has spanned Linux development for the last ten years, constantly updating with new each new development. Taught and lectured at the University of California, Berkeley in Information Sciences, Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Operating Systems, and Programming. Degrees and research in Information Science, Digital Libraries, Connectionist Information Retrieval, and Philosophy.

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