April 26, 2019

Run With The Big Dogs On Chubby Puppy Linux - page 2

It's No Dog

  • October 20, 2005
  • By Rob Reilly

The first thing to do is fetch the Chubby Puppy Linux .iso and put it on a CD. The version I used was 1.0.4 and the .iso file was 96.1 MB in size.

Don't forget to use the 'Burn CD Image' option under the Tools and CD menus, when using programs like K3B to put the .iso on the CD. I know that it's a silly reminder. Perhaps, this dog's memory isn't what it used to be.

After burning, put the CD in and boot the machine. It will go through its paces and in a minute or two, Linux will be running with the FVWM desktop.

On the Thinkpad, a window automatically appeared so I could select my screen resolution. I chose 768 x 1024 x 24 colors, hit OK and was then viewing the desktop on a nice, clean, high-resolution screen.

That pretty well wrapped up getting Chubby Puppy running on the Thinkpad. I went through a similar booting process on the Pavilion notebook.

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