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Confronting Spam

  • February 2, 2006
  • By Rob Reilly

The user community has been a vital part of the success of Blue Security. The company encourages community members to share thoughts, suggestions and opinions. To help facilitate the process, they created 'The Blue Zone' blog. There, the company shares its views on spam and any recent successes or research results. "We also have an on-line forum for members to communicate with our staff and other users, which has been helpful in shaping our software and service offerings," said Reshef.

Blue Frog is an open source project and has been improved by the community. For example, the Linux version of the Blue Frog and the Thunderbird Blue Frog plug-in are two prominent examples of this fruitful cooperation.

When asked about future plans Reshef replied, "Our team is always looking to expand Blue Security's product and service offerings. Spam is a ubiquitous problem, so it keeps us motivated to come up with additional solutions or methods. We are currently developing a Firefox extension for webmail-based e-mail accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo with an automatic reporting option that will protect personal webmail accounts from spam. This extension allows Blue Frog to seamlessly integrate with the webmail interface and allow users to complain about spam they receive to their webmail accounts in a safe and automated manner. There are a number of other advancements we are looking at, but they are just in the conceptual stages at this point."

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