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Review Quandries

  • February 23, 2006
  • By Rob Reilly

Moving the disk over to the old laptop was a five-minute job. I unbolted it from it's holder in the HP and screwed it into the other one.

After the old laptop rebooted I was happy to see that the Xandros welcome screen came right up and asked me for my user name and password.

I was then greeted with the Xandros desktop screen, a few regular icons, and the familiar KDE menu bar.

The 1024x768 video came up and looked great. No screen scrunching or odd colors. I didn't even have to do any video card configuration. The same went for the D-Link 802.11b network fob.

You should be aware that my old laptop was a 300 Mhz. machine, with 256 MB of RAM, 2 MB of video RAM, a regular CDROM (no R/W) drive and a serial mouse. It originally had a 6-GB hard drive.

Simply put, I swapped the 60 Gigger from the HP to the older machine and then just put it to use.

Well, that is until the 30-day trial period runs out. The regular business edition runs about US $129.

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