April 21, 2019

Buffalo LinkTheater High-Definition: A Linux Multimedia Center from End to End - page 4


  • April 13, 2006
  • By Dee-Ann and Robert LeBlanc

An important features for videophiles is HDTV upport, which is also included as the name suggests. However, if you have digital HDTV do not get this device until it supports this feature. Only analog HDTV is supported.

One feature offered lets you adjust the resolution (if you're using HDTV) of the images shown through this appliance. There are of course limits to this technology. For example, if you make the resolution too large, any text displayed in the menus can become so small as to be unreadable unless you're right up by the television.

As far as audio features go, the unit offers both analog and digital audio out, which is quite nice for audiophiles--both through optical and coaxial connections for the digital option. Those who are using analog audio and surround sound will be disappointed to find that there are only Left and Right outputs available. For surround sound and the LinkTheater High-Definition, you want digital components and to use the digital output to connect to them.

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