April 18, 2019

Buffalo LinkTheater High-Definition: A Linux Multimedia Center from End to End - page 6


  • April 13, 2006
  • By Dee-Ann and Robert LeBlanc

For Linux (and a lot of other) users, one of the biggest drawbacks of this product is that not only does the LinkTheater High Definition lack Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) support, but there is also no estimation for when a codec for this file format will be added.

FLAC support is such a glaring omission on this particular LinkTheater model because this is Buffalo's high-end media player, designed for use in home theaters with high-definition TVs. The audience for this product consists of people who have invested thousands of dollars in high-end audio and video reproduction equipment--people who value "high-fidelity". They want the maximum video resolution, as well as the highest-quality sound reproduction they can get. As such, they're going to stock their media servers with losslessly-encoded files if at all possible--something FLAC was designed for. These buyers aren't going to store their vast music libraries in lossy MP3 format, particularly when they've got the kind of speakers and amplifiers that are likely to highlight those losses audibly. The minor digitization flaws that cheap headphones, car stereos and desktop speakers conceal are suddenly revealed when the sound is reproduced with high-end gear.

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