February 16, 2019

New Mono-Based Applications for GNOME in Fedora Core 5--Part 2 - page 2

Continuing a Look at Mono

  • May 8, 2006
  • By Dee-Ann LeBlanc

F-Spot is not installed by default in Fedora Core 5, but you can add it with the Add/Remove Software tool. Available as Applications -> Graphics -> F-Spot Photo Manager, the first time this application launches it opens the Import dialog box (see Figure 1). To load images into the program, next to Import Source click Select Folder to open the dropdown list box. The first time you use this tool there will only be two options in this box. Afterwards, any folder you have imported will be included.

If your images are coming from the filesystem and the folder they are in hasn't already been imported, click Select Folder. If you have a digital camera plugged in, then if it shows up properly below this option, select the camera instead. Assuming that you want to access images already on your filesystem, choosing Select Folder opens a file browser Import dialog box (see Figure 2).

Select the folder containing the images you want (including other folders with more images) and click Open. Every picture in the folder is loaded into the main Import dialog box (see Figure 3).

Click Import and the folder's contents are loaded into the main F-Spot window (see Figure 4). F-Spot will remember these images and load them again if you close the program, unless you have selected File -> Import and replaced them with another folder's worth.

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