April 23, 2019

IceWarp Takes the Linux Mail Server Plunge

Examining Merak

  • May 31, 2006
  • By Nelson King

Merak Linux Mail Server: High-performance, Linux-based e-mail server supported by a suite of products with anti-spam, anti-virus, FTP, IM, groupware, and WebMail capabilities.

Developing one of the better e-mail servers for the Windows market is one thing. Taking on the Linux world with an e-mail server that is neither open source nor free in any sense of the word is an entirely different kettle of fish.

IceWarp's Merak Linux Mail Server has taken the plunge, however, and delivers a high-performance mail engine and a suite of additional components, including anti-spam and groupware, that add up to a strong "single source" package.

Over the years, Merak Mail Server has moved toward a performance-oriented market. The Linux version solidifies this positioning. It is sold in four versions--standard, professional, ISP, and enterprise--with tiered pricing based on the number of users and the inclusion of other modules. The enterprise version packages a full roster of components: anti-spam, anti-virus, instant messaging, and WebMail, as well as an FTP server, Web server, and groupware server with groupware integration. An e-mail server migration tool is also included. Offering a suite of related products is not unusual for a mail server vendor, but seldom are products so complete, and it is even more unusual in the Linux market. As it does for its Windows servers, IceWarp competes well with its bundle pricing and offers the advantage of an integrated suite of communications products.

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