April 20, 2019

IceWarp Takes the Linux Mail Server Plunge - page 2

Examining Merak

  • May 31, 2006
  • By Nelson King

As of press time, Merak Linux Mail Server is certified only for Red Hat Linux 4SE and CentOS. It might run on other Linux distributions but the list of specifically required libraries is long and lends itself to complications: OpenSSL, Kerberos, Glibc v2.3 or higher, Libz (gzip), Standard DNS, PAM, MySQL 4.1, and Bash or compatible equivalent. Linux Mail Server can be installed quickly, but be prepared to spend considerable time configuring it.

Although IceWarp has gone to some lengths to synchronize the features and capabilities of its Windows and Linux versions, the company recognizes there are differences. Installation and configuration under Linux is characteristically less wizard-like and more command-line-oriented than the Windows version. The core e-mail engine of the server is not a simple port of the Windows version, but rather a version built and tuned for Linux. We were unable to run controlled trials, but IceWarp's claim that the Linux version is considerably faster than the Windows version appears accurate.

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