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Fly Your Penguin On Google Earth - page 4

Download and Go

  • June 13, 2006
  • By Rob Reilly

Google Earth is freely available for download in it's basic form.

For $20 (annual subscription), you can upgrade to the 'Plus' version. This version has faster performance, can interact with GPS units, and can import address points from a .CSV file. Unfortunately, it currently only works with Windows.

$400 (annual subscription) will get you the Google Earth Pro version. You'll be able to import site plans, property lists, and client sites. You can also export high quality images to documents or the Web. This version features improved performance and upgraded tools over the basic package. Additional premium options like a movie maker module are available, at additional charges. The premium add-ons can be ordered via phone.

For companies that want to incorporate Google Earth technology into their business, the company offers Google Earth Enterprise. This version provides a complete stand-alone Earth database authoring and serving capability.

The enterprise version integrates raster (imagery), GIS, terrain, and point data into your information solutions. You can also stream data to client software applications and support viewing, printing, or data authoring.

Professionals that might be interested in using Google Earth Enterprise include, realtors, architects, engineers, insurance companies, and media.

No doubt, Google has been very busy developing products. The Earth software looks to be easy to use and of high quality even in beta form.

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