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In the Beginning...

  • September 5, 2006
  • By Rob Reilly

"Speed," said Haugaard in a recent interview. "One of the things I noticed after using visearch and then switching over to Google was that I was subconsciously using the visearch commands and being frustrated that they don't work on Google. You can't navigate up and down the listings with 'j' and 'k,' and you can't delete bad listings with 'dd.' You have to take your hands off the keyboard and fiddle with the mouse," he continued.

"I think the mouse is an amazing invention, but for someone who is good at the keyboard, like a vi user, it can be a big time waster," he said.

Written mostly in Javascript, visearch also uses PHP to handle a few functions, like saving searches. The code is not currently available for download. In the future Haugaard said that they could easily plug in other search feeds and allow users to navigate through their results using visearch. He also said that they could possibly support searching/filtering through blogs or news articles.

"visearch is an ad hoc project taking place at Snap.com. We just did it in our spare time and then showed our CEO, Tom McGovern, who really liked it. I want to emphasize that it certainly does not indicate any change of direction for the company as a whole," Haugaard said.

Haugaard also said, "As long as we get our work done, Snap allows us to be creative. Big.com (a search engine for low-vision people) was also kind of an ad hoc project; it was initially created over a weekend by Bill Gross (the head of Idealab, which founded Snap.com) together with a programmer."

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