February 20, 2019

Search the Web, vi Style - page 3

In the Beginning...

  • September 5, 2006
  • By Rob Reilly

Trying out visearch is easy.

Go to the Web site, hit the Tab key and just enter your search terms (see Figure 1). As you would expect, "j" moves you down the page, one listing at a time. "k" move you up, while "/" lets you search through your results listing. "esc" takes you back to keyboard command mode. Moving to a listing entry and then typing the "enter" key takes you to the selected Web page.

You can also save results, which are persistent as you move back and forth through other Web sites, within Firefox.

You can use the mouse to point to the search box or select items in the results list. If you mouse click on the :help text (in the upper right corner), you'll even get a split screen with basic commands and information. Make sure to click the :quit text (upper-left corner of the help window) to close it. Don't use the little "x" close box above the help window, otherwise Firefox will close.

Overall, the interface is just like using vi in an xterm, except that it works within the browser.

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