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Finding China, Crystal, and Tableware With Linux - page 4

A Humble Start

  • October 3, 2006
  • By Rob Reilly

Now that the new Linux/Oracle has been in use for more than a year, Meredith commented that it is running "nice and steady."

He also mentioned that the company is pretty conservative with new technology, so for now they are happy with the implementation.

Meredith recommended several things that integrators might keep in mind for their projects.

Pick vendors that stay up on certifications. Some still are not very good at that. This can be a problem for a company because generally, if an application isn't certified on a certain platform, the vendor won't provide support. Symantec seemed to be right on top of certifications. Also, if you run a proprietary application you might have to stay one or two revisions back (older version of Red Hat Linux) for certification.

Not staying up with certifications for revisions could definitely turn Replacements away from a vendor.

"Test as close to reality as you can," was another suggestion. Replacements, Ltd., tested for two years before they felt comfortable putting the systems into production. This isn't unreasonable considering the company absolutely has to process real transactions in real time.

Lastly, Meredith suggested that companies build good relationships with their vendors. A good working relationship with HP and Red Hat allowed Replacements to get the hardware and software needed to simulate the system that they wanted and work out many of the bugs, before flipping the switch.

Who would have thought that a company the finds dinner plates and china for their customers would ever use Linux in the back office?

The fact that Replacements uses Linux for their mission critical systems today, is a reflection of the original pioneering spirit displayed by Mr. Page all those years ago.

With more than seven million customers and growing, the company continues to make great business decisions.

Rob Reilly is a consultant, trend spotter, and writer. He is a contributing editor for Linux Today. He advises clients on portable business computing and presentation technology integration. You can visit his web page at http://home.earthlink.net/~robreilly.

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