March 21, 2019

Firefox 2.0: More Than Just a Surfboard - page 2

Productivity Tools In Firefox 2.0

  • October 26, 2006
  • By Rob Reilly
One cool feature that I liked was being able to retrieve a closed tab. It's a sinking feeling to realize that you've clicked on the wrong tab... an instant after you've hit the close button. How many times has that happened? That scenario is a forgotten memory with this version. While experimenting with my Movable Type blog page, I accidentally closed the tab. I turned right around and pulled up the "recently closed" tab list, under the History tab, clicked on the one I wanted and it magically reappeared. Sweet.

The new scroll arrows that let me move left or right through dozens of tabs, should speed up my browsing, too. On my particular desktop, I had to open at least 13 tabs before the arrows appeared. The right side of the scroll bar also has a drop down arrow that gives a list of all the tabs. Very convenient.

Lastly, thank goodness, you can insert new tabs anywhere on the tab bar. Now I can stick in a tab, without having to grab the last new one and move it over to where I need it. Every little bit helps.

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